Saturday, August 3, 2013

Makeup? Nah, that's my regular skin fool!

For those of you with troublesome skin, like mine, we’re going to go over my preferred way of foundation application for the most flawless coverage. If you’re curious, I do mainly work with liquid foundation in the medium to full coverage range, but can definitely work with any type of foundation providing you request it to be done.

Side note: I can’t stress enough how important it is to have a good foundation. If requested enough I’ll review my favorites, but it’s unbelievable how well it pays off to have great foundation.

You will become a believer and searcher for the gold known as “great foundation”.

For starters, here’s me bare-faced to show what I’m starting off with. 

(lovely, I know)

My skin is oily, acne prone, has quite a bit of redness on my cheeks and the outer parts of my face tend to get a little dry. A good portion I inherited in my genes, the rest is mainly just me having awful skin. To help your skin it’s always beneficial to drink plenty of water and eat healthy, but some of us are just screwed over with that. So, cheers to you ladies and to the rest of you: cherish your skin.

All you’ll need for this is primer for your face, a beauty blender (mine is just a knock-off I found at Ross) and your favorite foundation.

A quick note: not everyone uses face primer, but I would highly recommend it. Nothing about clogging up pores and uneven textures on my face is really desirable to me, especially with my already screwy skin.

Prime your face and give it a few minutes for your face to really soak it all in. While your primer is getting ready, run your beauty blender under some water and massage it like you would a sponge so it’s soaked with water. Lightly squeeze all that excess out and what I do is wrap it in a couple of paper towels and squeeze the rest of the water out. What you’ll have now is a bigger sponge that is much more plushy and fun (also easier to work with lol). Dot your foundation over your face (I generally do one side at a time because foundation tends to become harder to work with after it’s sat on your skin for a few minutes)
*The foundation I'm using is Estee Lauder Double Wear in "Cool Bone"; drugstore comparable to this would be Revlon Colorstay or Maybelline Fit foundation*

Lightly stipple with the blender until all of the makeup has been evenly distributed. Move on to the other side of your face and enjoy the magic.

*Half face done; noticeable difference. GOOD FOUNDATION IS KEY.*

I don’t use concealer due to the fact that all of them are much too dark for me, so at this point I add a small dot of foundation to the tip of my beauty blender and very lightly stipple on top of the troubled spots that I feel need to be covered. If you do use concealer, now is the time to put a small amount on whatever spots you deem worthy.
Tip: if your blemishes get flaky after applying foundation, put a small dot of eyeshadow primer on them at the beginning, apply your concealer and then your foundation.

And then you’re done! Once you’re sure the foundation has set fairly well, lightly brush over it with powder to set it in for the day.

Next segment: filling in brows and constructing a perfect-winged cat eye.

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